We love our patients -- and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!


Mike Kulik

One never knows what to expect when she or he enters a doctor's office for the first time. But within minutes Dr. Sharon Macner's calm voice and warm smile made me feel totally at ease. After my very first visit I left feeling confident that Dr. Macner would pick just the right hearing aid for me. So if you want a pleasant atmosphere and polite attention, as well as a thorough examination of your hearing problem, I highly recommend Champlain Valley Audiology.

Frank Vigneau

Champlain Audiology in Plattsburgh NY, is a true blessing to those of us who suffer from significant hearing loss.  Dr. Sharon Macner and her entire staff are all professionals who care deeply about everyone they see.  Their attention to detail and concern for the patient's wellbeing will leave you feeling confident your hearing needs will be met.  I recent participated in their promotion and demonstration of Oticon's enhanced hearing aid technology.   I was able to use a pair of aids for two weeks.  I don't know how Oticon did it, but the sound quality, clarity, and discrimination is truly remarkable.  The hearing aids interact with your brain and help you sort out the sound environment, making sense of the conversation and background noise like no other device I have ever tried.  It almost seems like the aids can read your mind and let your brain sort out the sound you wish to hear.  These hearing aids together with the expert care of the people at Champlain Valley Audiology can really make a difference in your life and those you care about.  I would encourage all those suffering from profound hearing loss to talk with my friends at Champlain Valley Audiology.  You should hear what you're missing.-Frank Vigneau

Current CVA Patient

“She exceeds expectations and professional obligations.”

Stacey B.

"Thank you Champlain Valley Audiology for introducing me to the latest technology in hearing devices.  I appreciate the opportunity you offered in allowing me to wear the new devices for a 2-week trial period.   In that time period, I noticed a marked improvement in my hearing in a variety of situations.  Speech is just so much more clear.  I find it easier to listen , what a joy of having not to work so hard at it.  I love the feature of working with my Iphone.  When taking phone calls, the sound automatically goes to my device-fantastic!!  I now listen to audio books, too.  Sharon and Jessica are always so pleasance to work with.  Their professionalism, knowledge, and genuine care for their patients is what makes this practice top-notch.  Thank you!"Stacey Bousquet- 11/9/2016

Current CVA Patient

“They are just wonderful!”

Current CVA Patient

“I can hear my family now. My life has changed a lot; I can’t ask for any better.”

Chris DeAngelis, M.D.

I am a severely hearing-impaired physician anesthesiologist and have worn hearing aids since I was 5 years old. Fitting hearing instruments for someone with my degree of loss — who works in a noisy, demanding environment — requires an exceptionally skilled and experienced audiology team. Dr. Macner, Jessica, Heather, and Emily have all gone out of their way to provide compassionate and effective care for all of my hearing needs.Fitting me with new hearing aids has historically been very difficult, usually requiring trying multiple models and going for at least five or six visits to tweak the fit and programming. Dr. Macner is the first audiologist in 20 years to get it right on the first try. We did not have to adjust the sound-processing algorithm even once after the initial fit!She recommended the Oticon Opn™ platform, and I could not be happier with it. The sound quality is better than that of any of my previous hearing instruments. As a bonus, having direct Bluetooth® connectivity from my iPhone® to the hearing aid has been fantastic. I used to need a ‘streamer’ device, but now I get better sound quality without needing an extra gadget between the phone and the hearing aid.

Current CVA Patient

“Concerned, compassionate, efficient, and knowledgeable.”


"I have benefited tremendously from my hearing aids. My friends and family are happy I can hear them without confusion."

B. Ero
B. Ero

"I have finally been able to hear what I have been missing. This has be the most positive experience in my life and I am forever grateful."

Priscilla Hackett

"I am very pleased with Champlain Valley Audiology."

Charles Stone
Charles Stone

The literature says that most people take seven years to recognize their hearing loss and do something about it—I took 30. In that time, I became quite used to asking people to repeat themselves or for interpretations of TV dialog. I love music. I often think it might be my reason d’etre, but for as far back as I can remember, I haven’t been able to understand the lyrics to many songs, especially those sung by women. I heard harmony but only as an entity that sounded nice. When asked to sing harmony, I was at a loss, not being able to hear the distinctive parts. Bird sounds? l thought all the birds had died, except for the occasional crow. Many years of wearing earphones at high volume in radio work and being subjected to destructive concert noise levels in the audience had robbed me of my hearing.My wife got her aids four years before I did. She seemed so happy with the difference she experienced that I was eventually lured to give it a try myself, remembering, however, my father and mother-in-law both throwing their aids across the room in frustration. The difference is in the new digital devices; the old analog ones simply threw loud volume at the eardrum, much like turning the TV volume up to ever-increasing levels. A trip to Champlain Valley Audiology answered any questions I might have had and made a huge difference in my life. Sharon Macner analyzed my difficulties and found that my hearing loss is moderate to profound. Most of my loss is in the ranges that interpret speech, as my hair cells are very badly damaged, thus eliminating my ability to naturally hear some sounds distinctly. Once the testing was completed, Sharon began digitally shaping the sound patterns that would be fed into my new aids—an amazing process to watch, and even more amazing to experience when finally wearing them. Over the course of a year, periodic visits addressed all the difficulties that my damaged hearing would allow, and the digital shaping was completed. I now have three different ways to stifle ambient sound that interferes with understanding dialogue, such as crowd noise. I can also lower the volume to four different levels.I don’t remember what perfect hearing was like, so what I am now experiencing seems miraculous. I can sit in a room full of people and understand the different conversations. Loud sounds can be brought to an enjoyable level. Shrill sounds can be modified or eliminated. I can once again hear the birds and bells and referee whistles, all of which had previously disappeared. I no longer have to have TV dialog interpreted. Possibly most important is that I can hear music to a degree I had forgotten existed. I owe all of this to the professional care and concern I found at Champlain Valley Audiology.

R. Brooks
R. Brooks

"Dr. Macner’s conscientious and comprehensive hearing care for the past 17 years has provided comfort for my family and me. I am very satisfied with my hearing aids."

Cynthia Romano

"My hearing evaluation results were explained well & thoroughly. I didn’t feel rushed & felt very relaxed. Office quality excellent, professional services and products also excellent."

R. Garrow

“I didn’t know how much I was not hearing until I got my hearing aids. It is like day and night. I now know why my wife asked me to not speak as loud. It was the best thing I could have ever done.”

Don Morrison

"Dr. Macner is a knowledgeable and capable specialist who really listens to my concerns and finds solutions."

Regina Allen

Before I went to have my hearing checked, I did notice a few problems—but it was never to the point where I thought of getting hearing aids. It wasn’t how they look; I just didn’t want to bother with one more thing. So I sat, not understanding what people were saying all the time but sick of asking them to repeat things.When the prison escape happened, I stayed with some family members, and I noticed that with a lot of people in the room I couldn’t hear the CNN updates on the television. I also had trouble figuring out what was being said with everyone talking together. Then I knew I had to do something about it.I talked to my doctor, and he recommended that I come to Champlain Valley Audiology. I am so glad he did!Now, I can hear much better in a group. I was at my daughter’s for a gathering recently and things were loud and clear. People have noticed that they don’t have to repeat things so much to me, too. [I live alone, and it is good to know that I will hear people coming and going.]”

Donald Miller

"Many customers and office businesses could take some positive lessons from this service and office operation.I guess I expected a miracle but wasn’t disappointed with the results. Thank you."

Robert Miles

"We were introduced to hearing aids by friends who were mostly negative about them. Fortunately, several hours of intensive discussion with Dr. Macner gave us positive insight. Dr. Macner and her staff helped dispel a lot of negative opinions about hearing aids. She also went to great lengths to make us knowledgeable.Since both my wife and I purchased aids at the same time, we could react to each other’s experiences.Thanks to the staff, we were constantly and professionally attended to. This reinforcement enabled us to adapt quickly to our aids. It was a very positive experience."

Doris A.

"Some years ago I started losing my ability to hear well. I wasn’t aware that I was missing a lot of and many parts of conversations until I found myself asking people to repeat what they had said to me. This becomes very irritating to most people and one day a person said to me, “I think you should have your hearing tested.” I was appalled but I didn’t listen until a while later I was visiting my son and his wife and she said to me, “You really should have your hearing tested.” Well I decided to do so and I did get hearing aids and am very, very happy that I did. The audiologist that I am seeing, S. Macner, is on this page. If you have the slightest doubt about your hearing see her. You’ll be glad you did."

Robin Vanweort

"Awesome office, very friendly, great atmosphere, very knowledgeable, and helped with my individual needs very well. The (results) are above what I expected. It has been wonderful hearing the world. I get less frustrated with not having to say ‘what’ all the time."

Katheirne Felty

"As my long-time, valued doctor of audiology, you may have wondered about my appearance at your thoroughly interesting seminar today for individuals seeking information about hearing issues and options for addressing them.Let me simply say that I wanted to attend because I knew the experience would be interesting and useful to me, and I was not mistaken.I also wanted to attend because, as a member of a relatively new Lake Forest Wellness Committee, I want to know about ways Lake Forest supports health and wellness and ways it could/should do so.Thank you for your excellent presentation today, and thank you for the summer edition of the Better Hearing Bulletin, which is loaded with important information that I will share.Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank you for your generous contribution of time and service to all Lake Forest and duplex residents at 1 pm on the first Monday of each month, when you (or Jessica) make yourself available to clean and service residents’ hearing aids. I enclose a small contribution to that very important volunteer effort with my heartfelt thanks, Sharon."

S. Mallon
S. Mallon

"I failed my first hearing aid trial, not with Sharon, because I needed the personal touch that I got with Sharon. It is difficult to accept at first that you have a hearing loss. Having hearing aids has kept me more “with it”, and it is important to get them before you develop the habit of not paying attention to things going on around you. I have Stickler’s Syndrome which affects hearing as well as vision and joints. It is progressive so that by the time I reached my fifties, I needed aids, and, as an RN, I needed an amplified stethoscope. I so enjoy the set-up Sharon has given me. Bilateral aids even though one ear has profound loss, I feel the difference! Also love my streamer!"

Kathleen Wunderlich

"Dr. Macner was knowledgeable – “Absolutely – really listened to me!”

Shirley Coffey

"This is a very special practice. Sharon seems more like a friend. She is very professional but friendly too. How many doctors call you personally? Sharon listens to every concern and repeats what you said to be certain she understood exactly what your needs were."

Loren P. Giguere

"Very well organized, friendly, knowledgeable, with quality products."

Tami Bushey

"Dr. Macner’s level of understanding and problem solving are outstanding. I would only recommend this office to anyone with total confidence they would be completely satisfied."

Mary Ann Lawliss

"I can hear almost everything. I can be a part of family gatherings, meetings, and especially work. Having no previous interaction [with hearing healthcare providers], I am a first-timer. So, I can only say I have certainly experienced first quality at Champlain Valley Audiology! I can sit, listen, and enjoy my family and not have to ask them to repeat. I can turn down the music, TV, and other audio equipment."

Tom Heslop

"Excellent in all details, very detail oriented."

Maureen McNeil

"Wonderful, I felt comfortable from the first phone call all the way through to getting my hearing aid fitted. Dr. Macner and her staff truly care about making your visits and life much more enjoyable. My whole experience at Champlain Valley Audiology has been positive from the start. Dr. Macner is very caring and compassionate, answered all my questions and calmed any fears I had about my future hearing loss."

V. Munk
V. Munk

"The overall quality of the office, professional services, and/or our products are one of the best in Plattsbugh area. Communication is easier , no need to ask people to speak louder."