As one of the only audiology practices in the Plattsburgh area, we provide health care services that you can’t find at a typical hearing aid dispensary.

Effective treatment of hearing loss always requires a correct diagnosis. At Champlain Valley Audiology, your initial care always starts with a complete hearing examination to identify the specific cause of your hearing concerns and target the correct treatment options. This examination will determine if your hearing loss can be potentially corrected by medical or surgical methods, or if your hearing loss can be corrected using hearing aids or other forms of technology.

If hearing aids can be of benefit, the comprehensive nature of the audiologic testing will identify the level to which hearing aids will help and any limitations of auditory function that will prevent good success with hearing aids, such as central auditory processing impairment.

If you are considering evaluation and/or treatment for hearing loss, tinnitus, or sound sensitivity, you have found the correct practice.

  • The only professional licensed to diagnose hearing loss, tinnitus, or sound sensitivity disorders is an audiologist. An audiologist has either a Doctorate degree (Au.D.) or Master’s degree (M.S. or M.A.) in audiology. Differential diagnosis is essential for correct treatment and long-term hearing success with hearing aids.
  • Our skilled hearing aid dispensers will program your hearing devices using the correct electroacoustic verification measures to ensure that speech and other sounds are audible and comfortable to you.
  • Treatment of tinnitus is not in the scope of licensure practice for a hearing instrument dispenser in New York State. New York State licensure requirements require tinnitus to be treated by an audiologist.

If you are seeking hearing aids, please know that we are different by…

  • Our providers work with all manufacturers of hearing aids. Champlain Valley Audiology is a fully independent practice. We are not owned in part or in whole by any hearing aid manufacturer. The hearing aids selected for you are done so in your best interest only.
  • When you are fitted with hearing aids, your aids will not simply be programmed to the software default settings (which studies show are ALWAYS off targets for speech audibility and can be by 20 dB). Hearing aids are programmed using Real Ear Probe Microphone Measurements – the gold standard for hearing aid programming! This equipment measures the sound output of the hearing aid real time while the provider is programming your hearing aids to know with certainty that the settings are exactly what your ears need to hear speech, neither too soft nor too loud, and to ensure that speech is audible to you. This equipment is costly, but not as costly as hearing aids which are not worn because “they don’t work”.

The providers and staff at Champlain Valley Audiology look forward to having you experience the difference in hearing care in person!  Check out our blog and follow us on Facebook to better understand hearing disorders, the impact of untreated hearing loss on cognitive function, and how we achieve better hearing solutions for our patients.