Approximately 20 percent of Americans are affected by some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss is much more than the inability to understand speech and hear sounds, it affects our bodies in other ways.

Though hearing loss and fatigue may appear to be separate conditions, they are much more connected than it seems. Exhaustion caused by hearing loss is a common problem among hard-of-hearing individuals, many of whom are unaware that their hearing loss is the source of their fatigue. This exhaustion occurs because of all of the extra mental work that is needed throughout one’s day. The brain and the body are working extra hard to fill in the missing pieces that the ear is not detecting. As your energy expenditure is used throughout the day for listening, your ability to perform other tasks or activities is impaired. This can make it difficult to perform at work or be active at home.

If you have untreated hearing loss, chances are you have likely experienced exhaustion because of the physical and emotional side effects of the sound deficit. Though hearing loss exhaustion may be difficult to overcome, it is certainly possible!