You’ve heard it many times before….the low battery indicator in one of your hearing aids. And again, this alert occurs at a not-so-convenient time. The battery will exhaust and you’ll have to make due with reduced hearing until you can replace the battery. The great news is that rechargeable hearing aids are back in a big way.
So why might rechargeable hearing aids be right for you?

  1. They’re easy. Place the hearing aids in the charger when you are done for the day. You don’t even need to open the battery door.
  2. They’re convenient. No more hearing aid batteries on the shopping list.
  3. They’re consistent. No more low battery beep followed by silence when the standard disposable battery goes dead in your hearing aid.
  4. They’re foolproof. Some manufacturers even allow you to use a standard disposable battery in the hearing aid if you forget to charge the hearing aid. This hybrid model is excellent.
  5. They make hearing aids easier to use for people with reduced dexterity and cognition.
  6. Your present hearing aids may be able to be converted to rechargeable hearing aids. Some manufacturers have taken the approach of finding solutions to problems using existing technology.

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