Like most technology, hearing aids require regular care and maintenance. Ensuring that your hearing aids are clean can be crucial when it comes to performance. Not only will regular maintenance give your hearing aids a longer life span, but it can also help prevent daily wear and tear.

Here a few products we give two thumbs up for, for cleaning and keeping your hearing aids in top condition.
AGX Cleaning Spray- The AGX Cleaning Spray is designed to help dissolve ear wax for an easy clean, and also kills 99% of bacteria. Ear wax build up can significantly affect how well your hearing aids are functioning. It is important not to spray directly onto the device, we recommend spraying the product on a tissue paper before use. Both the AGX cleaning spray and AGX cleaning wipes can be used on the go for quick, worry-free cleaning.

AGX Cleaning Wipes- Similar to the cleaning spray, these wipes are ideal for traveling. The individually packaged wipes dissolve ear wax and kill 99% of bacteria while providing convenience for any hearing aid user on the go.

AGX DryLux Dehumidifier- The AGX dehumidifier is one of our favorites! This electronic device quickly disinfects your hearing aids using an air-fan with UV-C rays, the process can help reduce itching and infections. Not only is this device great for some hearing aids that are exposed to more moisture than other, but it also doubles as storage for your hearing aids and comes with 36 month warranty.