At Champlain Valley Audiology, we always emphasize the importance of having your hearing devices cleaned and checked every six months. This is because often times, without noticing, sounds can be dampened due build up in the microphones, tubing, or filter systems. During this appointment, several different procedures will be conducted on the hearing aids to ensure that they are functioning properly. This also allows a chance for the patient and provider to touch base and discuss how the hearing aid(s) are functioning as well as discuss the sound quality.

Listed below are some key reasons why you should consider having your hearing aids cleaned professionally.

  • Hearing professionals have the tools and knowledge to do a safe, deep clean without damaging any intricate parts such as the receiver or microphones.
  • Hearing professionals are also able to detect if there is any signs of damage and suggest if a repair may be necessary.
  • Improved sound quality following professional cleanings.
  • Professional cleanings will help the hearing aids run better and last longer.

Hearing aids are a significant investment, therefore, it is essential to have them properly cleaned so that they can work optimally in all situations. A combination of do it yourself cleanings and maintenance provided by your hearing healthcare professional, will ensure years of reliable, better hearing