Have you ever found yourself struggling to hear in a crowded restaurant? You’re not alone. Trying to keep up with dinner conversation can be difficult, even to individuals with normal hearing.

Here a few tips that may help you to dine out with hearing loss:

  1. Plan ahead. Before choosing where to have dinner, take the environment into careful consideration. Is there loud music at that Italian restaurant? Is your favorite pizza place well-lit? For someone with hearing loss, a well-lit area can make it easier to pick up on non-verbal cues.
  2. Opt for a booth. Booth seating generally places you in closer proximity to those you’re dining with and sitting in a booth can provided a comfortable oasis for those with hearing loss. The tall backs on booth seating help to block out excess noise, while the soft material of the seats dampens noise.
  3. Choose your seating wisely. While dining out, choose to sit on the outer perimeter of the restaurant, this eliminates sound coming from all directions. Avoid the kitchen! While it may be for entertainment value or following the open-kitchen trend, the loud noises coming from a busy kitchen can make hearing difficult for just about anyone! If you are unable to pick your own seating, let the host or hostess know where you’d prefer to sit, most places will accommodate.
  4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal out with friends and family! Follow these helpful tips to make your dining experience easier, but remember that time spent with loved ones is always the most important part of dining out!