Preparation: With any trip there is always one golden rule, be prepared. It is probably safe to assume that wherever your destination may be this season, you will not have immediate access to hearing aid supplies should you run low. Here are some things to remember when packing for your Holiday trip:

  • Change your batteries. A fresh pair of batteries before hitting the road or sky can bring a sense of relief knowing your hearing aids probably won’t lose power before reaching your destination. Make sure to pack more batteries than you would expect to use.
  • Don’t forget all of the necessary cleaning equipment. AGX makes excellent hearing care products that are perfect for on the go. The travel size cleaning spray can fit on any suitcase, purse, or travel bag, and also meet the fl oz. requirements for flying. The AGX Dehumidifying box not only disinfects and cleans your hearing aids, but it doubles as a small carrying case.
  • Check the Airport Security requirements. According to TSA guidelines, you should notify a security officer you are wearing hearing aids before beginning the screening process. If your hearing aids do set off the metal detector or show up using imaging technology, you may be subject to further screening.

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