Until you’ve tried hearing aids, it’s tempting to assume they might not help or do you any good. For a long time, hearing aids have gotten a bad rap. Just recently, the New York Times published an Op-Ed asking, “Glasses are cool. Why aren’t hearing aids?” (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/31/opinion/hearing-aids-ears-eyesight.html)

But people who wear hearing aids generally like them and are glad they wear them, as today’s fact highlights. Add Jennifer Finney Boylan, the NYT’s Op-Ed writer, to that list. She writes, “Wearing hearing aids can change your life in an instant — not to mention that of the people you love.”

Today’s fact was from a survey taken in 2011. Hearing aids in 2018 are smarter and sound even better than their 2011 counterparts. With features that help block out background noise, focus on speech more precisely, help music sound more natural, and improve spatial perception, it’s safe to assume the 88 percent would be even higher today.

According to the Better Hearing Institute, 88% of hearing aid owners feel that their current hearing aid is meeting or exceeding expectations.
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