Media Link Devices for hearing aids


The MediaLink consists of a series of devices designed with communication and entertainment applications in mind, helping to transform your hearing aids into a personal wireless headset. The purpose of the MediaLink is to enhance communication in all aspects: face-to-face conversations, watching TV, listening to music, and chatting online or over the phone.

MediaLink Phone Adapter

Connects with your existing landline phone, transforming your hearing aids into a wireless headset that allows you to answer calls using the Streamer Pro. When you receive a phone call, an alert is sent to your hearing aids. You no longer have to run for the phone, miss calls, or have issues with feedback — just clarity and ease of use while talking to your loved ones.
Media Link Phone Adapter

MediaLink Streamer Microphone

Regardless of how healthy your hearing is, everyone has a difficult time understanding speech in certain noisy environments. For these demanding situations, the MediaLink Streamer Microphone is a discreet clip-on microphone that puts the speaker’s voice right in your ears. You enjoy clear, private communication and a one-on-one experience, even in the most crowded areas.
Media Link microphone

MediaLink Streamer Pro

Acts as a gateway to the audio sources you wish to hear. Any technology you own that has built-in Bluetooth — such as a TV, iPod®, tablet, PC, or smart phone — can connect to the Streamer Pro wirelessly to send the sound straight to your hearing aids. If your TV or computer doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, the device can connect to the Streamer Pro via a mini-jack cable. The Streamer Pro also allows for control over the hearing aids’ volume and for hands-free cell phone calls straight to the units.
Media Link Streamer

MediaLink TV Adapter

Connects to your television to wirelessly transmit the sound of your favorite TV programs and movies to your hearing aids, without disrupting others with changes in volume. You can still answer cell phone or landline calls while connected to the TV with the push of a button on the Streamer Pro.
Media Link TV Adapter