Champlain Valley Audiology is a fully independent private clinical hearing practice. Because we are not owned or operated by any hearing aid manufacturer, we select the brand of hearing aid technology that is in your best interest. Our providers are experienced with each manufacturer and will select the hearing aid that is best for you.


Hearing aids are computers. They digitally deliver sound into the listener’s ear at settings which are programmed by your provider. All of the below hearing aid manufacturers have unique capabilities in their hearing aids. Your provider will work with you to select which device is best for your needs. Our providers utilize probe microphone real ear verification measurements when programming your hearing aids – this is the Gold Standard for hearing aid fittings. This process measures the amplification of the hearing aid in real time during programming to ensure that the settings for speech are correct. This process eliminates the common complaint that “my hearing aids don’t work”.

Wireless and Bluetooth compatible hearing aids:

Most hearing aids today contain wireless technology, which allows hearing aids to do several things. Not only do the aids communicate with each other, optimizing performance, but wireless technology allows connects hearing aids to other devices, such as phones, televisions, and tablets.

Insurance coverage for hearing aids:

While it is your responsibility to understand your health care benefits, our patient care coordinator will contact your insurance company and verify your hearing aid coverage which will be explained to you. We always recommend that you also phone your insurance company and ask about your hearing aid benefits.

Questions to ask your insurance company about hearing aid benefits

  1. Do I have a hearing aid benefit?
  2. What does my benefit cover?
  3. How much does it cover per ear?
  4. How frequently do I have that benefit?
  5. If the hearing aids cost more than my benefit, am I responsible for the difference in cost?

Custom Ear Plugs and Protection

We offer more than hearing assessment and hearing aids. We provide custom specialty earpieces as well for the following applications:

  • Digital hunter’s earplugs allow the user to hear environmental sounds as well as protects hearing from the dangerously loud shots.
  • Musician’s earplugs allow the user to hear accurately in high noise environments.
  • Sleeping plugs can allow for comfortable, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Watersport plugs that can prevent water from entering the ear canals.
  • Communication and electronic earpieces for 2 way communication devices.

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